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Here's a List of the Services We Offer!

Ask Us if you need anything done we don't list here


- Diesel Engines – fuel systems, egr,  dpf, turbos, maintenance, cooling systems


- Electrical/Electronic Systems – ABS, engine and injection control system, lighting, transmission control systems, HVAC, cab, and body control systems


- Drive Trains – trans, drivechafts, clutches, axles, differentions


- Brake Systems – air, hydraulic, disc, drum, ABS




















- Suspension and Steering Systems


- Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Systems


- Preventive Maintenance Inspections -,


- Missouri State Safety Inspections for car, pickups, RVs, and big trucks


- DOT Inspections – Federal Annual Vehicle Inspections


- Trailers – Brakes, Suspension, ABS




















Here's some links explaining about some of the different services we offer


Emissions System Restoration


Forever Diesel


Diesel Injection


Diesel Induction



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